Red + Green = It's over 9000!

More than 1000 new products in our portfolio: TEKON contact elements are FIXTEST now!

It's one and a half year since FIXTEST got a strong sister. TEKON Prueftechnik - "born" in the same year as FIXTEST, 1984 - has over 35 years of experience in the development of custom fit test solutions. And from now on all FIXTEST-customers can profit from this remarkable history.

If you joined the live stream of our online event last November you already got the news: You can now order the complete TEKON catalogue from FIXTEST! That's a whole new world of choice, possibilities and freedom of application - for you and for us.

The TEKON-range of contact elements features mostly spring loaded test probes for in-circuit-test in pitches from 25 mil to 180 mil. A lot of these series are accompanied by additional long travel and screw-in versions. And some are even compatible with FIXTEST series.

But also battery probes for charing and interconnection applications are included in the line up. These probes are also great additions to the FIXTEST range of battery probes.

From all those powerful products, two stand out:

- The TEKOFLEX® contacts for the precise measurement of smallest resistances on connector pins and blade terminals. Clever, reliable and unique.

- LED spring probes with integrated fibre optics. The optical cables transfer light from the LEDs to be tested to the test system, where it is checked for correct colour values. The spring probes' cup heads can be safely placed over the LEDs to block ambient light.

By now, we have all the new entries in our warehouse in Engen and everything is produced by FIXTEST. For us, this is quite a logistical challenge - for you it's over a thousand new products to choose from.

We're still figuring out, how to best integrate the new products into our existing portfolio in our FIXTEST catalogue and on our website. But now and until then, you can order everthing from the current TEKON catalogue directly from us here at FIXTEST.

Follow this link to take a look at the Contact Elements Catalogue from TEKON.

By passing the famous Level 9000 mark, we're now heading towards an almost unbelievable portfolio of 10 000 different products.

More from us, more for you: More powerful products from TEKON and FIXTEST!

Choose from over 1000 products in the TEKON catalogue