All doors open for better contacts

Knock, Knock. - Who's there? - The better. - The better who? - Simply the better contacts.

You know the saying: "When one connection closes, another opens."

Okay, we admit it, we got that one a little bit mixed up. But hey, it fits so perfectly on both: doors and connections. For doors and connections it's opening and closing all the time.

Doors mostly shut off rooms, but can also come in a lot of different varieties one doesn't think of in the first place: They can be found in vehicles, truck trailers, home appliances and other machinery of all kinds.

Some of these doors have integrated electronic components, such as cameras surveilling the interior. These components need to be fed with power and data, mostly by cables. As often with cables that are bend a lot, they tend to break at some point.

If it's only necessary for the connection to be made when the door is closed spring contacts are perfect, especially our battery contacts. They are robust and reliable, having a life time of several hundred-thousand cycles. Their gold plated surface withstands most chemical impacts or severe environmental and weather conditions. Even vibrations and forces from engines or movements shouldn't be bothered, as we have some well working solutions for that. 

Good spring contacts can be used in such a big variety of ways that all doors are open for them.

Better contacts - more opportunities