Or how would you describe a spring probe with a conductive rubber head?

In our CONTACTUS we often present you products and solutions that are kind of special compared to our standard products. And by now you could also say: Special is quite our normal.

The challenge this time is also rather uncommon for a spring probe: Connect the circuits on a PCB of a "Rubber Button Pad" as softly as possible.

Like often, this project's process was intended to go through several iterations: First, we would determine the specifications of the task with our customer and create an initial concept based on the specifications.

In this case, we settled for a piece of conductive rubber in the head of a spring probe. The first prototypes used a standard probe available on stock that we refitted to the application.

Our customer was pleased with the outcomes of the prototypes, but we also received some requests for changes: the electrical resistance was a bit too high and the rubber tended to fall out too soon.

So we made a few changes in the next iteration and thankfully were successful: The probes lasted up to 10 000 test cycles without mechanical problems and without decrease of their electrical properties.

The final solution is available with article code 100.403.15.10 as a special type of our series 100. So it also fits in all receptacles of our series 100.

Just one addition: This probe was specifically made for this application and does not have the same electrical properties as our series 100. It's typical resistance for example is not in the range of mOhms anymore.

To make sure that this supercontactpinfantasticextraheadelastic spring probe fits your application, our sales team will happily reply to your answers and requests.

Spring probe type 100.403.15.10 with a tip-insert of conductive rubber