Refresh your styles!

Don't get along with your current style? You should think about getting a change! We'll show you how.

That day when you take a look at your current styles and think: "That's not working! We need to change that!". But all the available options in the catalogues of your suppliers won't fit either: One is too short, one is too long; others don't even have the correct head style with the right diameter. Or you can't find the ideal spring - because elasticity is crucial: Miscalculation can easily make a bad impression on your favourite pcb.

At FIXTEST, it's like going to the stylist of your choice: Tell us what you want - we make it happen. 

When it comes to battery probes or spring loaded connectors we mostly start from scratch to create your individual design.

A more economical approach is to only change certain parts of an already existing product. These changes can be made faster and easier than a completely new design.
Especially the heads are full of possibilities: Material, surface plating, length, shape, diameter … with so many options at hand you can easily create your own style.

But besides all that superficial aspects, don't forget the core values of a perfect style: inner strength. Adapting the spring's specifications to your application gives you exactly the power you need. So, let the force be with you!

And as the spring is the most vulnerable part of the design, picking the right material can empower your application to withstand more current load or temperature than before.

Feel inspired to do your summer make-over? Take the chance to speak to one of the professionals in our design department and find your own style.

[Translate to English:] Erschaffen Sie Ihren individuellen Style!