XXLonglife - Less is more...

Dirt, wear and corrosion are a major problem in the use of contacts in various electronic devices or in the testing of loaded p.c.b.s and components. Especially in the in-circuit test of lead-free soldered boards such problems caused by lead-free solder, which interferes the contact quality in the form of tin and tin-oxide particles picked up by the spring probe tip. As a result, the probes were strongly affected and create faulty contacts. Besides that, the life of spring contacts is greatly reduced.

Fixtest took this problem as an opportunity and developed in co-operation with a partner in the field of nano-technoligies a new contact surface coating named XXLonglife. The chemical interaction between tin and the contact surface of the probe is significantly reduced by XXLonglife.

Contaminations and the associated loss of contact are reduced, and simultaneously a protection against oxidation is set up. The electrical properties obtain: an increase of the ohmic resistance or a low-pass effect for high-frequency signals do not occur.

Your advantage: contact wear and corrosion can be avoided or show up much later. Thus, the life cycle time of the spring contact probes is extended. Maintenance work on the test equipment can be reduced which lowers also the production costs. Expensive downtime caused by faulty contacts goes back. Many users give us very positive feed-back: increases in the life of the contacts of 100% - 300% are typical. Pseudo error rate can be reduced down to almost zero by using XXLonglife plated probes.

The XXLonglife surface plating is available for almost all of our products. If a product in our catalogue is not labeled as such, just ask us if you can get this with XXLonglife nano-coating as well.

You will find further details in our information brochure on XXLongife.