Test Probe Series 41

Available spring forces

with values in Newtons (N) and Ns. and the adding code for the part number.

Type Preload (N) Rated force (N)
08 0,30 0,80
15 0,90 1,50
22 1,00 2,20
30 1,20 3,00
50 2,00 5,00

Technical Data

Overall length 38,50 mm
Minimum centre spacing 2,54 mm
Extension height (from - to) 18,20 mm
Maximum travel 8,00 mm
Recomm. (rated) travel 5,30 mm
Temperature range from -55 °C
Temperature range to +120 °C
Typical electrical resistance 20 mOhm
Rated electrical current load 3,0 A


Plunger CuBe, gold plated Steel, gold plated
Barrel Nickelsilver, gold plated
Spring Music Wire, silver plated

Head styles

This list is showing all head-styles which are available in the series 41. The number shown right besides every picture is the part number used for ordering. Please replace the field »xx« by the spring force value you would like to have. The available spring options are listed below. Further head styles available on demand.

Head styles Ordering number
Ø 1,50 41.05.15.xx
Ø 1,25 41.08.13.xx
Ø 1,60 41.08.16.xx
Ø 1,25 41.10.13.xx
Ø 1,80 41.10.18.xx
Ø 0,70 41.102.07.xx
Ø 1,25 41.102.13.xx
Ø 1,25 41.103.13.xx
Ø 1,90 41.104.19.xx
Ø 2,00 41.108.20.xx
Ø 1,25 41.118.13.xx
Ø 1,25 41.146.13.xx
Ø 1,60 41.146.16.xx
Ø 1,50 41.174.15.xx


Click on the graphics to see more details.
S 30.00-W
Receptacle S 30.00-W
S 30.00-L
Receptacle S 30.00-L
S 30.00-C
Receptacle S 30.00-C

Datasheet for series 41

Further information can be found in the datasheet for series 41

Download datasheet for series41