Recycling of Gold Plated Contact Probes

Most of the contact probes produced and sold today are plated with gold to decrease contact resistance and increase conductivity. The gold platings make used or broken contact probes still valuable, even after they have served their original purpose.

Gold, a rare resource
Did you know, that all gold ever mined in the history of mankind fills a cube with just 20.5 m on a side? This equals an amount of appr. 166,000 t (Wikipedia). Not that much, right?


Gold is rare and prescious and often has a magical effect, when used in jewelry or as a decorative element. But it is often mined under ecological harmful conditions. Chemicals (Cyanid or Mercury) used for the separation of gold from the ore are highly hazardous and can pollute large amounts of drinking water with only minute quantities.

Reusing the gold from scrap metal saves the resource gold and with it our environment and our health.

How do you dispose your worn-out contact probes?

Do you make additional profit by the disposal of your test probes yet? FIXTEST offers test probe disposal as a service to our customers. We collect old probes from our customers and send them to a refinery, three or four times a year. You can send us your used and old contact probes and we will pack them in our next shipment to the refinery.
After the recycling, you will get a proof of disposal as well as the refund form the refinery. This not only reduces your impact on our environment but also your TCO (Total Cos of Ownership).

You can use our contact form to get in touch with us about pogo-pin recycling.