The Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to support users - independent of his or her specific experience- with an informative but relatively brief reference work which is limited to technical aspects.

Complementary background information is summarized here, which would go beyond the scope of a product catalogue and lead to confusion there. The handbook's expertise is based on long-term technical experience which we gained in-house. At the same time it describes a selection of technological-scientific principles formulas and tables, which are universally valid.

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1. Basic Definitions and Area of Application
2. Design Types and Principles of Operation
3. Differences between Inch and Metric Sized Probes
4. Materials and Production Processes
5. Contamination, Protection by Nano Coating
6. Physical Constraints for the Use of Spring Contact Probes
7. Pointing Accuracy and Wobble
8. Service Lifetime of Spring Contact Probes
9. Electrical Resistance
10. Receptacles and their Terminations