TEKOFLEX® contacts for four-wire measurements

Spring contact probes for four-wire measurements are one of our special product categories. This type of measurement allows for quantifying the tiniest resistances, but requires high quality equipment. The four-wire principle needs two contact points as close to each other as possible - which is quite challenging regarding the ongoing trend of micronization in electronics.

TEKOFLEX® contacts are especially designed to contact connector pins and flat connectors according to the four-wire principle.

The smaller TF07-TF16 feature two electrically isolated contact elements in a round housing. Their handling is quite easy and efficient as they can be stacked into each other. You can use one piece as a receptacle for another, which makes them easy to replace. They can be used to contact round and square pins with diameters between 0.6 and 1.3 mm.

If larger connectors need to be contacted the bigger TEKOFLEX@ TF20-TF63 are the right choice. They slide effortless over flat-plug pins and create a minimal-resistance connection by their finely wound wires.

All Information, technical data and installation examples for the various TEKOFLEX® variants can be found in our TEKOFLEX®-brochure.