Coaxial contacts

First thing: We do not provide coaxial antenna connectors, no SMA, SMB or other standard parts ... those we recommend to buy in the local electronics store. Our business is spring contact probes - and this applies also for coaxial connections.

Our spring loaded coaxial contacts are e.g. used in

  • docking stations to transfer RF-signals (Wifi, GPRS, GPS, 3G ...) to external antennas
  • accessory parts of handsfree sets
  • test equipment for mobile phones, smart phones and other devices

Most of the contacts are developed bespoke and often have rigid counterparts. You'll find some of the so far realized contacts in the table below.

Series Centre pin max. travel
Centre pin working travel
Centre pin spring force at working travel
Series 10103
- - starr
Series 10105
3,00 2,00 0,8
Series 10107.001D
3,00 2,00 0,8
Series 10114.001C
2,90 1,40 1,0
Series FK-661
2,70 1,90 1,0
Series FK-651
1,50 1,00 1,0