Test Fixtures | Test Jigs

Fixtest does not offer test fixtures off the shelf. Each adapter is designed, developed and built  according to our ideas and our know-how, based on the customer‘s demands.

Our experience ranges from a small table-top adapter to fixtures integrated in large in-line systems.

Test Fixture Services

Whether you need a new adapter plate or an existing system needs to be repaired or modified, all our Test Fixture Services are separately available.

Drilling - Milling - Installation - Wiring

You need an adapter plate, done by yesterday, precisely drilled with the correct hole diameter for the receptacles of your choice? We produce the plate on the basis of your PCB data within a few days. It is up to you to decide if you only need the drilling - we also install and wire the test probes and receptacles.


Our Finepitch contacts are small, very small. The suitable handling of these contacts gives you headaches? Our team of experienced assemblers  has all the required means and skills to precisely and cost-effectively assemble several hundred contacts in a 0.4 mm pitch test socket - to mention just one example. For our customers, we assemble or re-assemble, re-build or expand existing contacting devices. We clean and maintain them and provide any service you may need.