FINN - the Smart way to test LEDs

With the expanding use of LEDs in electronics, a quick and effective solution to test LEDs has become more and more vital. Today, the intelligent choice is the Smart FINN or Ultra FINN. Whether in a fixture for in-circuit-test, MDA or functional test, these devices not only allow you a function control of the LED, but also the verification of the correct color. The models Smart FINN and Ultra FINN determine the brightness of the LED in the same measurement.

The several FINN models offer different features to fulfill your individual needs.


The new Flagship of the FINN-fleet: The Mega FINN!

Build in the same compact and proven form factor as the Ultra FINN, the Mega FINN provides a whole new level of LED color recognition.

The main features of the Mega FINN

- Super fast response time  - typical measurement in less than 3 ms
- High accuracy of ± .3% with an average resolution of 0.1 nm throughout the visible spectrum
- So fast it will output ON and OFF results when an LED is blinking slower than 30 Hz
- Detects 2000 different hues between Blue (400 nm) and Red (700 nm)Reduces ambient light errors

Smart FINN

One sensor, all colors: The Smart FINN measures the frequency and brightness of the light coming form the LED. The Smart FINN's sensor covers the whole frequency range, from infrared to ultraviolet.

The Smart FINN is available in vertical or horizontal version.

Smart FINN Bright

The Smart FINN Bright is the solution for testing ultra bright LEDs used in automotive headlights, marine or military applications.

For the installation of all Smart FINN sensors we recommend the use of three spring contact probe receptacles, e.g. FIXTEST Series 100, Receptacle S 100-L with solder cup.

FINN Sensors

FINN sensors verify the right color of your built-in LEDs. Every FINN sensor verfies one specific color: Green, Red, Blue, Clear or Infrared. Depending on the LED's color, the sensor will output a characteristic voltage, which can easily be interpreted as Pass or No-Pass.

The FINN sensors are available as vertical or horizontal versions.

For installation, we recommend the use of two spring contact probe receptacles, e.g. FIXTEST Series 100, Receptacle S 100-L with solder cup.


The P-FINN is a cost effective method of identifying object presence and/or orientation, and/or color. The key to the design is simplicity. The P-FINN design includes both the LED light source and light sensor in a simple easy-to-mount assembly and is available with blue, green and red light sources. The intensity of the reflected light is related to the color of the object.  The output signal is proportional to the reflected light

For further information please download our brochure about FINN-Sensors (german).