Can touch this!

Soft and easy: Spring loaded test of touch sensitive diplays and surfaces.

We hope not only those "90's Kids" remember the legendary rythm and lyrics of MC Hammer's 1990s rap hit "U can't touch this". But in contrast to Mister Hammer we literally want you to touch this.

Touch sensitive displays, touch screens and touch pads are more and more part of our every day life. Of course they can be found in our omnipresent smartphones but also tablets and convertible laptops feature them. Speaking of laptops: Touch pads are still the go-to pointing devices for mobile computers.
Also household appliances like fridges, coffeemakers or washing machines feature touch sensitive displays for input, information and control.

Our latest development derives from a customer request for a spring loaded pin that is able to mimic the touch of a finger on the screen, without scratching the surface or applying to much pressure to the screen. Like in our supercontactpinfantasticextraheadelastic solution we combined a conductive silicone head with the plunger of a spring contact probe. This time the silicone surface is bigger and softer than in our first project. See all the specs of our new FK-889 in this datasheet.

Once again, a customer's challenge lead to a new product for our test probe range.

We close with a Hammer-line that we totally agree with: "Either work hard or you might as well quit!".


FK-889 "Touchpad-Pin"