Do you even flex?

If the axial flexibility of a normal pogo pin is not enough, you maybe need a pin that has 3D-flexibility.

The main feature of pogo pins is, of course, the flexibility of the spring. But what to do if an application also needs flexibility in other dimensions?

For example if the front side of the DUTs (device under test) contacts is covered with a cap or similar parts, the connection has to be established from the sides.

Our FK-854 adresses exactly this problem. Its thin plunger shaft is able to bend a little and is therefore capable of passing by housing parts or plastic caps. After the passage contact is made laterally by the elliptical head of the FK-854.

We call that 3D-flexibility. The graphic further down on this page shows this quite well.

The FK-854 is based on our series 70 and can be used with all receptacles of series 70. Therefore the area of application is very broad and can range from In-Circuit-Test to cable harness test or connector test, as well as all different kinds of special applications.

The plunger shaft of the FK-854 is flexible enough to bend a little.

The elliptical head of the FK-854 passed by the plastic cap and connected the DUTs pin from the side.