Lights everywhere

Are you testing LEDs in your test fixture? Here's an easy solution for light transmition!

Lights are really important for christmas. Beautifully decorated trees can be seen everywhere, also in the historic town center of our home town Engen.

But this CONTACTUS is not about christmas lights - although LEDs are becoming state-of-the-art in lighting technology. Today, we take a look at a special part of LED-testing.

In contrast to our FINN sensors for LED colour verification, which are placed directly in front of the LED, there are cases where the light from the LED has to be transmitted to a testing system. For these cases we also have a simple solution for that: LED spring probes.

LED spring probes combine a normal spring probe with an optical fiber that is inserted into the plunger of the probe. The head of the plunger is hollowed so that it can be placed directly over the LED. This shrouds the LED and fiber end from environmental light and ensures that the light transmitted through the fiber is the actual, untampered light from the LED.

Advantages of our LED Spring probes:

  • Easy-to-handle installation like a normal test probe
  • Easy maintenance and replacement by use of receptacle
  • Compensation of height tolerances by spring probe principle
  • Shrouding and blocking of environmental light by hollow plunger head

The optical fibers are polished on both ends and are pre-installed into the probe.

LED spring probes are available for two different pitches: Series 510 for 2,54 mm and Series 511 for 3,00 mm.

An LED spring probe of series 511 with installed optical fiber