Born to be connected!

Get you motor running - but don't run out of power on your mobile devices.

Country roads - the final frontier. These are the voyages of bikes and riders. Their mission: to explore new roads, to seek out new meeting places and friends, to boldly go where no bike has gone before.

All bikers share the same passion: riding their bike. But everyone has this special interest, that drives him personally. One prefers race machines with high speeds and acceleration, others like to casually cruise on their choppers.

For the tourers it's all about freedom. They use their bike to make longer, multi-day trips. And for that you need panniers and bags, like tank bags for example.

Until a few years ago, gas was the only thing that could run out and stop you from continuing your trip. Nowadays, a lot of electronic devices are carried along: navigation systems tell you where to go, action cams record the nicest moments - and, of course, mobile phones, sometimes also used as navigation systems. But be careful: This drains the batteries quite fast!

Good for those who can call a tank bag with integrated power supply their own. Besides storing your stuff in them, you can comfortably charge your devices with the on-board power supply of the bike.

Spring contacts and rigid pins are used to make the mounting mechanism as simple as possible. Just snap in the bag to the tank and the connection is closed automatically. No need to plug-in any connectors or hassle with cables.

And the spring contacts not only transfer power to the mobile devices, they also withstand harsh conditions: vibrations, acceleration forces, temperature changes, even humidity and moisture.

Really tough, these pins. Simply "Born to be connected!"