1-2-3: Screw - Pull - Extract

If you ever tried to extract a defect receptacle or a broken pogo pin from a receptacle, you know that this can be quite tricky. Most of the times, pliers aren't working, because you simply don't have enough space to use them.

That's where our new lines of extraction tools come in. With these, you can easily extract receptacles from base plates or pull out broken and stuck pogo pin barrels from receptacles.

The basic principle is the same for all these tools: They have a conical thread that cuts into the side walls of the receptacles or barrels. When the thread has enough grip, you can pull out the defect or broken parts.

The tools for the extraction of broken test probes work exactly that way: insert the tool into the barrel inside it's receptacle, screw the tool until it grips the barrel and pull it out.

All tools have left-hand threads. This way, you can also screw-out broken threaded probes that are screwed into their receptacle.

We have a little demonstration video that shows the application of the tool:

For the extraction of damaged receptacles we have similar tools that facilitate the process of pulling out the receptacles from the base plate. These tools feature a guide bushing over the tool's bit that serves as a stopper for the handle. This way, you don't have to pull but can screw out the receptacle all the way.

Of course we also have video for that:

If you need to extract a receptacle that has an internal thread like the receptacles for our cable harness testing series, there are special tools for that as well. These tools don't cut into the side walls but screw into the threads of the receptacle. Doing so, you don't damage the receptacle and can re-use it.

Working with our extraction tools is as easy as 1-2-3: Screw - Pull - Extract.

Take a look at all extraction tools in this datasheet

PS: No refunds for broken wine corks!