FIXTEST Success Stories

Wether it be a product from stock or a bespoke one - our products are the foundation of smart solutions. The FIXTEST Success Stories present new products and intelligent solutions.

Get inspired by our application examples and product showcases. Maybe the solution for your task is just around the corner.

For example.

FIXTEST Success Stories

24. August 2021

Can touch this!

Soft and easy: Spring loaded test of touch sensitive diplays and surfaces. [more]

Category: Success Stories, Product News

31. March 2021

Three bunnies for a Happy Easter!

We added two new probes to make our FK-854 into a family [more]

Category: Product News, Company News, Success Stories

10. February 2021

Red + Green = It's over 9000!

More than 1000 new products in our portfolio: TEKON contact elements are FIXTEST now! [more]

Category: Success Stories, Company News, Product News

17. July 2020


A great new addition to our four-wire mesurement contacts: TEKOFLEX® [more]

Category: Success Stories, Product News

21. January 2020

Do you even flex?

If the axial flexibility of a normal pogo pin is not enough, you maybe need a pin that has 3D-flexibility. [more]

Category: Product News, Success Stories

16. December 2019

Lights everywhere

Are you testing LEDs in your test fixture? Here's an easy solution for light transmition! [more]

Category: Success Stories, Product News

16. August 2017

All doors open for better contacts

Knock, Knock. - Who's there? - The better. - The better who? - Simply the better contacts. [more]

Category: Success Stories, Product News

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