FIXTEST Success Stories

Wether it be a product from stock or a bespoke one - our products are the foundation of smart solutions. The FIXTEST Success Stories present new products and intelligent solutions.

Get inspired by our application examples and product showcases. Maybe the solution for your task is just around the corner.

For example.

FIXTEST Success Stories

16. August 2017

All doors open for better contacts

Knock, Knock. - Who's there? - The better. - The better who? - Simply the better contacts. [more]

Category: Success Stories, Product News

22. May 2017

Upcycling - Upgrade your bike

Upcycling is one of the latest trends: Create new stuff out of old goods instead of throwing them away. Oil barrels to furniture or car tires to lamps - the designers find creative ways to reuse ... [more]

Category: Success Stories, Product News

02. May 2017

Refresh your styles!

Don't get along with your current style? You should think about getting a change! We'll show you how. [more]

Category: Product News, Success Stories

16. February 2017

Born to be connected!

Get you motor running - but don't run out of power on your mobile devices. [more]

Category: Success Stories, Product News, News

26. January 2017

Confronting the opposing side

When inflexibility becomes your friend [more]

Category: Success Stories, Product News, News

15. December 2016

Easy Slider

Combining two different contact technologies in one part: a sliding pogo pin [more]

Category: Product News, Success Stories, News

17. August 2016

Easy Docking!

On a cruise trip, docking shouldn't go wrong. Spring contacts are perfect to built a easy-to-use charging station. [more]

Category: Success Stories, Product News

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