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Product News

21. January 2020

Do you even flex?

If the axial flexibility of a normal pogo pin is not enough, you maybe need a pin that has 3D-flexibility. [more]

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16. December 2019

Lights everywhere

Are you testing LEDs in your test fixture? Here's an easy solution for light transmition! [more]

Category: Success Stories, Product News

20. September 2019

We're taking a break on 04. October 2019

Thursday 03. October is the german national holiday.  [more]

Category: Product News

16. August 2017

All doors open for better contacts

Knock, Knock. - Who's there? - The better. - The better who? - Simply the better contacts. [more]

Category: Success Stories, Product News

22. May 2017

Upcycling - Upgrade your bike

Upcycling is one of the latest trends: Create new stuff out of old goods instead of throwing them away. Oil barrels to furniture or car tires to lamps - the designers find creative ways to reuse ... [more]

Category: Success Stories, Product News

02. May 2017

Refresh your styles!

Don't get along with your current style? You should think about getting a change! We'll show you how. [more]

Category: Product News, Success Stories

16. February 2017

Born to be connected!

Get you motor running - but don't run out of power on your mobile devices. [more]

Category: Success Stories, Product News, News

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