A great new addition to our four-wire mesurement contacts: TEKOFLEX®

We like four-wire measurements! This method of measuring, also known as kelvin measurement, is mainly used to determine very low resistances. Precision and contact quality are crucial elements of such applications.

Therefore we are very happy to welcome a new product series to our portfolio of kelvin contacts: TEKOFLEX®.

TEKOFLEX® contacts are specialized for the four-wire measurement of connector pins and blade terminals.
The two designs of the TEKOFLEX® both have two electrically isolated contacts, either in a round design or in a more flat one.

The round TEKOFLEX® TF07-TF16 integrate their contacts in a plastic sleeve. They are designed to contact commonly used connector pins with diameters from 0,6 to 1,3 mm.
They can easily be assembled into a carrier housing and are even mateable.

The flat and bigger TEKOFLEX® TF20-TF63 are best used with blade terminals or similar flat contact surfaces. Their thoroughly coiled wires establish are very high quality connection with the DUT, minimizing contact resistances and surface marks.

So again: Welcome TEKOFLEX® to the FIXTEST product family. And if you need to connect four: choose TEKOFLEX®!

You'll find everything about our new products in this TEKOFLEX® brochure.

The flat and bigger TEKOFLEX on the left, the smaller round ones on the right side