Industry recommendations

When you're searching for a suitable contact for your application, you are likely to lose yourself in the big product ranges of all the spring contact manufacturers. Most of the product lists you'll find in the catalogues and web pages are sorted by product type and additionally by pitch, travel or current rating. But what about other specifications? We try to help here.

With our industry-dependent lists of spring contact probes, we want to filter our product lists exactly with those requirements, that are typical in your industry sector, ie. to withstand vibrations or to be insensible to disinfectants or other chemicals.

These recommendation lists aren't 100% complete, we still have more contacts in stock, which we don't present on our web pages. Also, the recommendations aren't exclusive. You can use a listed probe in more than the given industry or application, of course.

Please feel free to contact us, if you don't find the right probe for your application.

High Current
Electrical Appliances
Medical Technology
Sports & Leisure