Interconnecting Solutions

The world of spring loaded contact probes is separated in two types of application: Testing and interconnecting.

When we speak of spring loaded interconnection solutions we mean: Reliable, flexible and easy-to-attach contact solutions in the final product. Used as board-to-board connections of electronic components, charging solutions for battery applications, plug-in connections for transferring data, radio signals or power or simple component connections.

Our most important products for those purposes are battery contacts. You can choose from over 60 different standard types, giving you a wide range of possibilities.

Furthermore we offer bespoke solutions according to your specifications, whether it may be a single probe or a all-in-one solution. This includes the whole process from design to manufacturing to assembly.

If you're not lucky in finding a suiting probe in our range of battery contacts, please don't hesitate to contacts us with our inquiry form for battery contacts.