Quality System


Basically, it's easy: We want to meet our customer's requirements. Regarding the many custom made products and projects, in almost all cases it comes down to this: Quality matters!

In the business of spring contact probes, FIXTEST isn't among the "Big Players". Our production quantities are far from our competitors. But it is not our goal to compete in this discipline, this is not our approach. Our aims, our key success factors are customer satisfaction and the development of our company. In our point of view, these two factors are closely linked to each other and this is the motivation of our work.

Certification in accordance to ISO 9001

In 2001 we decided to write down the principles, methods and processes of our work in our quality manual and achieve the certification according to ISO 9001. After additionally achieving the certification of our environmental management system according to ISO 14001, we expanded the quality manual to a combined management manual.

This management system isn't a necessary evil to us, it's a logical consequence. It doesn't restrict us or creates barriers in our work. It documents, controls and ensures the methods we already had implemented to guarantee the quality of our products, services and actions. You can view our current ISO certificates on our download page.