Environment Friendly Company

Not only in planning our new headquarters a responsible and careful use of the environment played a major role.

In our daily work in the development, production and sales, we pay attention to the aims and objectives of our environmental management system, which we have adopted with the certification according to ISO 14001.

In August 2007 we moved to our new building which was built for a minimum of energy and resources consumption. We use the sun's energy for heating and producing hot water and electricity, modern building materials guarantee an efficient thermal insulation.  A controlled air ventilation system with heat exchanger and geothermal energy, among other factors creates a healthy and pleasant working environment for our team. An open and bright building has been created, surrounded by greenery and water, and so most of the land use returns back to the natural environment.

And the benefit is always twofold: As an example, our planted flat roof is a habitat for honey bees over the summer, and on the other hand it creates a cool climate in the top floor without extra energy consumption.

It's not just us, who like the idea of such a building concept. In fall 2011 the Archtitektenkammer Baden-Württemberg (Chamber of architects Baden-Württemberg) awarded us with the award for exemplary buildings in the county of Konstanz, together with our architect Ingo Bucher-Beholz.

Environmental Certification

Since 2008 Fixtest is certified according to ISO 14001:2009. This certification documents the implementation of an environmental management system that ensures the continuous improvement of corporate environmental performance.

You can view our current certificates in our download section.

Less is more

Almost all of our contacts contain valuable raw materials such as copper and precious metals like gold or silver. This creates in every exchange in the plants and test fixtures of our customers, logically, a resource consumption. Through the recovery of precious metals in special waste disposal firms, this consumption can be compensated for the most part, but that's not enough for us. Our solution: saving precious metal by a longer contact life.With our surface coating XXLonglife the life of the contacts increased significantly.

Dirt deposits as they arise, for example, by flux in the lead-free soldering process can be effectively prevented by the application of this nano-coating. This saves you maintenance costs, also improves the quality of your measurements (less faulty contacts) and reduces the total precious metal consumption. As a logical consequence our motto is: Less is more!

More about XXLonglife

Dual System

Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD) was founded in 1990 as the first dual system, and is nowadays a leading provider of take-back systems. These include not only close-to-home collection and recovery of sales packages, but also eco-friendly, cost-efficient recycling. Through our participation in the dual system, our packaging is recycled to the recycling chain.

This can save raw materials and resources, and we also contribute to reducing greenhouse gases. In 2009 we saved 89 kg of CO2 equivalents.