Development and Innovation


Already in 1984, when Fixtest was still a small start-up company with 2 employees, we set new standards in the area of the spring contact fabrication. As the first manufacturer in Europe, we started to use deep-drawn barrels for our spring contact probes, which give the contacts better running properties and higher reliability. Of course, such developments are quickly taken over by the market, and so it is important to be always up front with innovations and improvements. Over the years we constantly added new developments  - not always with a large, measurable success, but always as a foundation for a new technology era. Some examples of such innovations are: Switching Contact Probe with LED-Statusdisplay  used in testing of  multi-pin  connectors (patent applied), new and improved coating process for springs which replaces the passivation after the electroplating process, Nano-Coating with self-cleaning effect for contact surfaces, novel assembly method for higher efficiency in the production of spring contact probes and many  more.

Some of these R & D projects were supported by innovative funding programs of the federal government and successfully concluded. Continuous innovation is one of our key objectives, which we consistently pursue with the appropriate amount of time and investment.

Successful use of advanced technologies

One of our goals is: Innovation as the implementation of new ideas in a motivated team through the use of imagination, will, and modern technology in light of our environmental objectives.

Our approach is always customer-focused and will help you to achieve your goals and requirements successfully. The interaction between customer requirements and our experience and ideas could be successfully implemented in numerous projects. We maintain an open, straightforward and friendly contact with our customers, exploring new ideas and developments. Rather, this is the basis of our success and our future. The results from such projects we use for expansion of our product line and field of activities as well as for general improvements.

Cerification according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2009

We always put emphasis on the quality of our products. Especially applications in sensitive areas like medical technology require a high standard in the quality of materials, life cycle time and reliability. The certification to ISO 9001:2008 and our quality management system ensure the quality of our products.

The attempt of our management system goals and objectives, we not only achieve, but we strive constantly to fill it with life. Certification to ISO 14001 and our environmental management system thereby assure the continued improvement of our environmental performance.

You can view our current certificates in our download section.

Memberships, Organisations, Commitment

Teradyne Support Network (TSN)

FIXTEST is a member of the Teradyne Support Network since 1993.

TSN members are approved service providers that help Teradyne's cutomers with assurance and support. With our long experience in building text fixtures and installing various testing systems, we are ready to help you here.

View our Certficate of membership in the TSN on our download page.

Regionaler Wirtschaftsförderverein Hegau e.V. (WFV Hegau)

Local Association for business development Hegau

FIXTEST is a member of the WFV Hegau.

Goal of the WFV Hegau is the improvement of the economic structures in the Hegau region by promoting local business to increase their innovational strength. The service offers are e.g. consultings, lectures or fairs as well as inexpensive business premises for young start-ups in the Innovationszentrum Engen-Welschingen (Center of innovation Engen-Welschingen).

Wirtschaftsverband Industrieller Unternehmen Baden e.V (wvib)

Trade Association for Industrial Enterprises in Baden (wvib)

Since 2014, FIXTEST is a member of wvib. The wvib represents the interests of small and medium-sized companies in the very southwest of germany. It offers various networking meetings, educational events and round tables.

We are looking forward to a longlasting, interesting and successful membership in the wvib.

Engener Sterntaler (Star Thaler of Engen)

The Engener Sterntaler is an additional local currency for the city of Engen. Nearly 60 local companies and shops accept the Sterntaler as a payment method for their goods. The Sterntaler is available in coins which have a value of 5 or 10 Euros and has a exchange rate to Euro of 1:1.

FIXTEST also acceptes the Sterntaler as a payment method.

Get more information on the Website of the Engener Sterntaler (german).