Business Location Engen

Every new day we are happy and satisfied with our decision to have chosen the town of Engen as our business location. The excellent transport links by car, truck and rail ensures that our goods can be transported quickly and easily, and our customers and employees have a comfortable journey. Short and non-bureaucratic ways in government affairs and good infrastructure are two other factors that make the success of a company in addition to its own market-typical constellations.

Besides the economic factors we shouldn‘t ignore the Quality of Life in the town of Engen and the region around. If an applicant opts for a new job in one of Engen‘s employers, the quality of the new living environment plays an important role.

With its historic old town, good restaurants, the many clubs and a well-stocked retail Engen offers a wide range of ways to make everyday life interesting and balanced.  The Hegau itself, the proximity to Lake Constance and the Alps offer recreational activities in all seasons. The towns of Singen, Radolfzell and Konstanz are nearby and expand the product range significantly. And the city of Zurich (Switzerland) with its international airport is only 80 kms away.

And so we give 5 stars for the location of Engen!

For finding us in Engen, take a look at our directions page.

Engener Sterntaler (Star Thaler of Engen)

The Engener Sterntaler is an additional local currency for the city of Engen. Nearly 60 local companies and shops accept the Sterntaler as a payment method for their goods. The Sterntaler is available in coins which have a value of 5 or 10 Euros and has a exchange rate to Euro of 1:1.

FIXTEST also acceptes the Sterntaler as a payment method.

Get more information on the website of the Engener Sterntaler (german).

Regionaler Wirtschaftsförderverein Hegau e.V. (WFV Hegau)

Local Association for business development Hegau

FIXTEST is a member of the WFV Hegau.

Goal of the WFV Hegau is the improvement of the economic structures in the Hegau region by promoting local business to increase their innovational strength. The service offers are e.g. consultings, lectures or fairs as well as inexpensive business premises for young start-ups in the Innovationszentrum Engen-Welschingen (Center of innovation Engen-Welschingen).