Kelvin Contacs

Drawn hand holding a cantilever beam kelvin contactIn the field of Test and Measurement there is a special technique for measuring small resistances, called the Kelvin method (also four-wire measurement). The advantage of the four-wire measurement lies in the fact that the result is not influenced by the electrical resistance of the wires and contact points. This measurement method was developed by the British physicist William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, usually known as Lord Kelvin.

More information about this enigmatic personality can be found at Wikipedia.

For the four-wire measurement - the name says it all - 2 contacts on each side of the test setup are required. To make this design simple, we offer some great solutions that are shown in our Spring Contact Probes Catalogue. Chapter Kelvin Contacts starts on page 122.

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Kelvin Contacts

See chapter Kelvin Contacts in our Spring Contact Probes Catalogue starting on page 122.

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